15 April 2015

Mobile Scoring Instructions

Written by Super User

1. Please add your players before hand on Chauka.in in order to reduce any duplicates and any network issues. Please find below instructions on how to add players.

2. First innings scorers: Once you are done with your innings click on "Start Next innings". No need to select next innings players, just click on that where you will get option to choose striker, runner and bowler.

3. Second Innings Scorers: If second innings team is not seeing first innings complete score on mobile when you click on match or if they are getting option to score a new match
  • Please log out and log in
  • Please don't score as if its a new match. Call 571-502-7168 if you are not able to score.
 4. At End of the game, make sure to accept the score and approve it.
Adding players to Teams:
  1. Log in to Chauka.in
  2. Go to "My Teams"
  3. Click on team to which you need to add the player
  4. Click on "Add Players"
  5. If you are adding a new player enter "First name, Last name and email" or "Add by facebook"
  6. If adding existing player then - Search in "Add existing players on Chauka" search box (If more than one player shows up hover over the "i" it will give you list of all leagues and all teams that player is part of. Click on the correct player.
  7. Click on "Add Player" that comes right next to the search box where player with pic will be listed. (You might have to scroll down a bit to see the option)

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