26 March 2015

Umpire Responsibilities

Written by Rup

Umpire Responsibilities: READ BY LAWS FIRST

  1. Come to field 40 minutes before the start of the game. Do the followings:
    1. Get players list of both teams.
    2. Collect 1 new ball and 1 used ball from both teams.
    3. Collect your money (2x $20) = $40 (cash only).
    4. Distribute 2 trash bags, 1 each to both teams.
    5. Talk to the Host team to get the field ready at least 15 minutes before the start of the game.
  1. 30 minutes before the game call both team captains and make the toss. After that

.                    a. Ask Batting team to get 3 batsman ready and 1 wicket Keeper from the fielding team

b. Get scorebook/app ready.

  1. 10 Minutes before the game, Umpire has to go to the field with Leg umpire.

     a.    Ask fielding team to bring their fielders inside the field.

b.    Take a photo of all players by team and one group photo from your phone (both teams this time) and email to nizam_va at

  1. 5 Minutes before the game call the batsman in field.
  2. Start the game on time .
  3. 1st power play is for 6 overs (only 2 players outside of the 30 yard circle)
  4. 2nd Batting power play is for 4 overs ( between 12-25) or (22-25 by default). (Only 3 players outside of 30 yard circle)
  5. After 15 overs or on your discretion, give a 5 Minutes drink break (all players stay inside the field).
  6. After 30 overs or 1st innings give a 10 Minute break. Only Umpire takes 5 minute and go back to the field with Leg umpire for the Second Innings. Call all the players 3 minutes before the 2nd Innings. Get 2nd Innings start on time.
  7. Main Umpire makes all the decisions.
  8. After game finish:
  9. Decline “Man of the match”
  10. Two captains must Sign on paper score book
  11. Host team must put everything back on trunk (6 stamps, 4Bells, Boundary flag, 30 yard cone, nail, spray, hammer, broom, 2 chairs, trash bag  and finally the Mat)
  12. Please make sure there is no trash on field
  13. Text 571-502-7168 and 571-501-8383 after everything is done( just before leave).

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